Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK

How to prevent motion sickness


Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK1. ​Eat before you travel
Clinical studies have shown that motion sickness mostly attacks people who travel on an empty stomach. Doctors recommend that you should eat before you start travelling. However, you should avoid eating highly processed or junk foods. Also, avoid drinking alcohol. Only eat healthy and highly nutritious foods.

Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK​2. ​Mind where you sit
Where you sit can also trigger motion sickness. For instance, if you are travelling on a cruise ship you should sit in a well-ventilated area where there is a good circulation of air. If you are on the road, then you should sit facing the direction of motion.

Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK3. Stay still
Moving around when traveling can cause motion sickness. The reason why sea sickness is very common is because people love moving around while on the ship. Limiting your movement when traveling can help prevent this condition.

Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK4. Avoid strong smells
Strong smells can also trigger motion sickness. So, try as much as possible to avoid strong or unpleasant smell such as strong perfume or petrol for example. Ensure that you sit where there is an adequate supply of fresh air.

Escape Travel Sickness 1300 SEASICK5. ​Eyes up
Where you look while traveling matters a lot. For instance, instead of focusing on the read, try to focus on the horizon. If possible close your eyes. Avoid reading books when traveling.

If you follow the points above, combined with our preventative treatment , you can minimise and manage the symptoms of motion sickness.

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